Please find the documents you need in order to apply to our school. If you need assistance with completing our paperwork, or if you have any other questions, please contact our administrations team today.

Teaching Position 

Teacher Requirements and Qualifications:
Compassionate and confident leader
Clear, consistent and respectful communicator
Attentive listener
Creative and able to create a fun learning environment
High level of patience with experience as a mediator
Keeps a positive attitude
Efficient time management
Ability to take on many tasks at once and prioritize them by importance and relevance
Good at problem solving quickly
Good classroom management
**Bachelor’s Degree in Teaching, Education or related subject (for Kindergarten, Elementary and High Schools)
**State-issued teaching certification
**Relevant experience (student teaching)
**Pass state-enforced background check
Upstanding ethics and integrity
A passion for learning and sharing your knowledge with others